All-in-one battery, inverter and panel solution.

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Max PV Input Voltage: 600 V
Startup Voltage: 125V
Nominal Input Voltage: 350 V
Nominal AC Output: 4990 W
Max AC Output: 21.7A
Max Efficiency: >97.7%
IP Rating: IP65
Night Power Consumption: <1W
Noise Emission: <30dB
Dimensions: 457 x 515 x 170
Weight: 22 kg
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  • 1 x 6.5 kWh or 10 kWh Lithium Storage Pack

  • 1 x Premium Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

  • Tier 1 High Efficiency Solar Panels

  •  Wifi Enabled

  • System install and warranty

LG Chem Battery 10

LG Chem Battery 10 DATA SHEET
Total Energy: 9.8kWh
Usable Energy: 8.8kWh
Capacity: 189Ah
Nominal Voltage: 51.8V
Voltage Range: 42V~58.8V
Max Power: 5kW
Peak Power: 7kW
Dimensions: 452 x 483 x 227mm
Weight: 75kg
IP Rating: IP55
Communication: CAN 2.0 B
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LG Chem Battery 6.5

LG Chem Battery 6.5 DATA SHEET
Total Energy: 6.5kWh
Usable Energy: 5.9kWh
Capacity: 126Ah
Nominal Voltage: 51.8V
Voltage Range: 42V~58.8V
Max Power: 4.2kW
Peak Power: 4.6kW
Dimensions: 452 x 654 x 120mm
Weight: 52kg
IP Rating: IP55
Communication: CAN 2.0 B
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Why Hybrid Solar?

Using LG Chem batteries and a Sungrow Inverter, you can enjoy a hybrid solar system. Meaning you no longer have to sell all of your excess energy generated by solar for a pittance, now you’re able to store it for later use. So not only are you able to use solar power even when the sun’s not out, but you have the ability to completely eliminate your electricity bill!

Hybrid solar also allows for greater reliability from having a solar battery backup. Power out? No problem. Be the envy of everyone on the street. While they’re frantically calling their power companies to fix the issue, you can relax and make yourself some coffee, with your hybrid solar power system.
Do you pine for a life free from fickle electricity companies, and their continuous raising of prices?

Hybrid solar with LG Chem might be for you.

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  • Use Existing Mortgage

  • Green Loans

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