Get A Commercial Solar PPA, And Get A Solar System With No Up-Front Costs

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How Does It Work?

With a solar power purchase agreement (PPA), Solar Link Australia will install the system. However, a third party maintains the ownership of the system. You then simply purchase the power generated by the system from them. This is at a set price per kWh. This means there’s no up front cost for the installation of the system.

And at the end of the contract, you can buy-out the whole system for $0. Alternatively you can buy-out the system earlier into the contract, with price dependent on the length left in the contract.

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Keep Up Front Capital Investment Low

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What Are The Benefits?

The biggest benefit is not having to spend any money up front, this is fantastic for smaller companies that have less capital, but still want to invest in solar. But it’s also a great idea for large business, as you can save on power costs, as you purchase the electricity at a low, set price. And you also save on maintenance fees as you aren’t responsible for the system in the rare case something breaks.

A PPA also makes budgeting and long-term expense planning much easier. With flexibility at the end of the contract, allowing you to own the system for no extra cost, or to have the system removed.

How to Get A PPA?

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